Postal address

Stem van Afrika
p.a. Veldlust 18
1188 JM Amstelveen
The Netherlands
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The board of the Stem van Afrika foundation consists of the following persons: 

Executive board:

drs  Marc Breij                    chairman

Pieter de Wit                       treasurer

drs Jacqueline Cabri            secretary 


Other members of the board:

drs Yvonne Heselmans

mr Gerarda Hessing

Michel Philippart 

Wim Jansen 




The board is assisted by the following advisers:

Catholic Media Council


drs Jaap Swart


drs Berend Wapstra


 Stem van Afrika does not ask for so does not use personal data. Neither do we use social media plugins or cookies. 

Statutes last altered on January 4th 2001 at notary L.Davina, Hilversum
Registration Chamber of Commerce at number: 41192548