Intégration de l’internet et renforcement des capacités des radios communautaires à Idjwi

Project Partner:
La Différence

Project Duration:
August 2021 - February 2023 

Project description
This 19-month project aims to connect the community radio stations RCI Obuguma and Fraternité FM in Idjwi Island (in the Eastern part of DR Congo) to an internet system based on a community-managed technical infrastructure (antennas), allowing these radio stations to have continuous access to the web for research and processing of their information, and to broadcast their programmes via streaming.

The initiative also intends, on the one hand, to train 10 journalists from these two radios in digital journalism (web writing and podcasting) and develop their skills in the use of the internet for the collection and processing of information. On the other hand, it intends to provide 10 community leaders from these two radios with communication equipment (smartphones), and with skills in "Citizen Journalism", thus enabling them to participate in the creation, in collaboration with the above-mentioned journalists, of useful community contents and information to be broadcast via local radio waves, social networks (WhatsApp groups), and via a new community website, which the Island will be provided with.

The expected effect is to see that a new participatory communication dynamic is established on the island, based on digital, social media, and citizen information.