TEC, Tanzania

Capacity Building on Environmental Radio Campaigns in the Central and Lake Zones

Partner: Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), Social Communications Department, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Background: Stem van Afrika cooperated with TEC in 2018/2019 on an audience research capacity building project. The programme (implemented in different steps) was attended by 12 radio stations. 

Project Objective(s): To build the capacity of 14 journalists from selected radio stations (Radio Mwangaza, Dodoma; Radio Huruma, Tanga; Radio SAUT, Mwanza; Radio Kwizera, Kagera; Radio Faraja, Shinyanga; Radio Habari Njema, Manyara and Radio Maria, Dar-es-Salaam) in conceptualising, creating and implementing a well-informed media campaign that responds to audience environmental needs, personal tastes and preferred genres.


  • 14 radio journalists from seven radio stations will be trained in two physical training workshops. Plus, there will be an evaluation/assessment meeting and the journalists will receive one-to-one distance mentoring. Seven radio stations/their journalists will receive two physical training visits each by a mentor. 
  • Each radio station will develop a media campaign plan and implement the same. 
  • Each radio will produce 24 radio programmes on environmental issues over a period of 12 months. In total 168 programmes will be produced within the project period, plus the utilisation of the station’s social media channels. 
  • TEC will produce 84 radio jingles (12 per station) and disseminate content via YouTube. 
  • 700 trees will be planted by seven radio stations.