Know your Audience - Improve your Radio

Pilot Action Learning Programme for Community Radios in Uganda and Kenya

About the Project

The project aims to develop and execute an online (web-based) audience research, analysis and data application course for broadcast stations / community media in a participatory manner, supported by expert personalised station planning and mentoring services, both online and face to face, to embed and sustain research practice, indeed a learning (external and internal) and usage culture at the stations.

This programme of action will enable the stations to better understand their audiences, including the extent to which audiences are satisfied with the programmes they listen to. This in turn boosts their ratings, and they are able to attract advertising and sponsorships to support sustainability.

The theory of change is that the more community stations research their audiences and evaluate programming, and implement the suggested results, the greater the likelihood they will offer quality and relevant programming, presentation and engagement, and, as a result, a) build a growing audience b) generate sufficient income and c) earn the respect of the community (brand) and have a social transformative effect in the community.

The programme starts with six community oriented radio stations in Uganda and six community oriented radio stations in Kenya.  

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