Radio Pacis, Arua, Uganda

Tailor-made training in audience research for radio station staff and realisation of audience research surveys

Radio Pacis was officially launched on November 26th, 2004. Since December 2005, the station is on air round the clock, seven days a week. The station belongs to the Diocese of Arua in Northern Uganda. 
Due to the linguistic heterogeneity in the West Nile region, Radio Pacis broadcasts since 2007 on two frequencies, on 90.9 FM for programmes in Lögbari, Kakwa and English, and on 94.5 FM for programmes in Madi, Alur, and English. A third frequency, 101.4 FM, for programmes in English, Alur and Acholi, is used for broadcasts from Gulu.

Project Objectives: 
The main objective of the project is to create capacity in the field of audience research for twelve staff members of Radio Pacis, in view of enabling them to conduct regular surveys on their own.
The information generated from audience surveys is intended to facilitate the production of more adequate and better content, enhance the impact of the radio station, as well as to improve market possibilities.
The project intends to realise a tailor-made training at Radio Pacis in Arua, during which staff will be given theoretical knowledge and practical skills on audience research. During the training, specific research designs will be developed for surveys in the West Nile and Acholi sub-region.