ECM, Lilongwe, Malawi

Building local capacities to measure and understand audiences

The Communications Office of the Malawi Episcopal Conference, Malawi


Project Objective
The national communication office aims at facilitating a capacity building measure of three steps for management of catholic media houses, including Radio Maria, Radio Alinafe, Radio Tigabane, Radio Tuntufye (and Luntha TV), which are located throughout Malawi, so as to build participants capacity to measure and understand audiences in order for them make informed decisions that enable a station to satisfy audiences and stakeholder, generate more income and become more sustainable. Findings of information and data gathered through audience research are planned to be used to enhance the financial sustainability.



  • Step One: Local and international facilitators give a two-week training workshop whereby participants shall receive theoretical input.
  • Step Two: Participants shall be given three months to implement the audience research plan, analyse data and produce a report.
  • Step Three: A three days meeting is organised. Participants from all stations come together to share experiences/difficulties/challenges, etc on the implementation of their audience research plan and design a networking strategy (follow-up steps), if deemed necessary.