UMWA/Mama FM_ Kampala, Uganda

Enhancing access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Information Services

Follow-Up Project
Enhancing Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Services among Grassroot Communities (Kawempe Division) through Improved Radio Programming and Production

Between August 2013 and July 2015, UMWA was supported by Stem van Afrika to implement the project " Increasing Knowledge and Skills Building for Community Radio Staff / Volunteers in Sexual and Reproductive Health Reporting (SHR).  

Project Beneficiaries
Community Broadcasters (from five stations: Apac (Northern Region), Mama, Nabweru, Nakaseke (Central Region) and Kagadi (South Western Region) - the same as in the first project!


Project Objectives

  1. To build knowledge and skills of community broadcasters in sexual and reproductive health issues reporting / communication.
  2. To increase knowledge on SRH and related services, and delivery points among (especially WWDs and out of school youth) in the targeted areas.
  3. To build knowledge on SRH issues, and rights among the 5 selected community media managers and identified local focal persons within the communities (including service providers).
  4. To strengthen the networking capacity of the Association of Community Broadcasters in Uganda.
  5. Strengthen UMWA's capacity in managing similar development programs.

Planned Activities

  • Consultative meeting with the project radio stations, local communities and other stakeholders like SRH providers to further agree on the targeted beneficiaries, and the strategies to employ. It is understood that the end of project impact assessment survey recommended several action points, but it is important that the group organizes to review, and later agree on the proposed strategies in the project.
  • Training sessions (three days) on SRH rights and services to 25 Women With Disabilities (WWDs). Calculated Costs.
  • Training sessions (two days) on SRH rights and services to 24 Out of School Youth.
  • Training of Focal Persons in SRH basic communication and networking skills (twenty persons, two days).
  • Training of Trainers (TOTs) session (two days) for 15 community broadcasters selected from 3 stations (Mama FM, Radio Apac and Nakaseke FM), on SRH and communicating better. One will be done as soon as the project is revived, the second in the middle of the project timeframe.
  • Material collection and editing for radio broadcasters to increase and improve on such broadcasts. This will be done for 15 months involving four volunteer broadcasters.
  • Content development and production of IEC materials on SRH for circulation: The new project phase will have to design targeted messages for the new targeted women with disabilities and the youth. These will be multiplied and circulated.
  • Production of IEC Materials.
  • Development of a simple radio checklist on communicating better SRH: The material is not new, but it will be scaled from the guide developed on the previous phase. The importance for this checklist, is that it will be simple, short, and more user friendly.
  • Mentoring / coaching of community broadcasters (three days on location) on communicating better SRH. This activity like in the previous project, will provide a one-on-one opportunity with a resource person to better appreciate SRH and communicate better.
  • Joint community dialogues between community broadcasters (ten), PWDs (ten) and the youth (ten).
  • Media blitz / Road show in two project areas for two days on SRH and the available services.
  • One network meeting of five radio stations with a total of fifty participants (which stations will participate?) of the Association of Community Broadcasters on topical issues including SRH.
  • Community Dialogues in two locations (including 100 persons).
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project.
  • Project Impact assessment survey: A survey to register impact, lessons and practices will be conducted in the 14th month where results will be discussed in the 15th month.
  • Impact Assessment Dissemination Workshop.
  • Refresher course on SRH rights for 40 community broadcasters (Mama FM and Radio Apac). Costs are covered as local contribution.